Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Cookie Experience

I have made my fair share of cookies in my life, but recently cookie making has taken on a whole new meaning to me. I never realized there is a real artistry involved in making cookies.

My experience with sugar cookies in the past was always the pile of melted dough that would come out of the oven at Christmastime that looked like a blob. Most of the time they were so burned that you could have used them as a weapon to defend your life, if need be. When the sugar was sprinkled on them (red and green, of course) it just did not stick. (Wassup wit that!) Remember those occasional blue or yellow ones? I never could figure how they related to Christmas, unless it was an angel (yellow sugar, of course).

When cookie bouquets started getting popular, I thought they were unbelievably cool. Recently, I decided to send a cookie bouquet as an anniversary present. When I realized how much they cost, I decided against sending it, as they were quite pricey. Soon after that I decided to embark on an adventure of my own to learn how to make cookie bouquets. (What was I thinking?) Wow, have I been learning a lot. Now instead of thinking they are charging too much, I find myself thinking, "They are only charging that much?".

I have a new respect for "Cookiers" near and far! It is hard work and many long hours are invested, not just with time (it is very time consuming) and money, but with creativity and lots and lots of love! A true labor of the heart.

Since embarking on this adventure I have met so many talented mentors who have never forgotten where they have come from, that they had to start out somewhere and now, many years later, are patiently and lovingly sharing their talents, giving priceless instruction, tidbits of wisdom, yummy recipes, gentle guidance, time-tested tips. Thanks to all of you.

This has been a wonderful adventure so far! I am a diabetic, so I have to limit my tasting and testing. But the joy that I have seen on the faces of my recipients makes me want to keep learning and keep making cookies.

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