Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Courtney!

Our Courtney turned 25 last Saturday. I made these delicious yellow butter cupcakes with a mound butter cream frosting and swirls of her favorite color, purple, and edible purple glitter.

What are your wishes for???

I love to see here enjoy her food!

A mouth full of deliciousness!

A starter Pandora bracelet from her dad and step-mom.

Courtney, First Teaching Job!

I am sooo proud of my dear step-daughter who was just hired as an elementary school teacher. She graduated in December of 2008 and has been working contracted svc. teaching jobs. But, this year she if officially a full-time teacher.

I made this set of teacher cookies for her. Her husband Brandon, the nursing student, ate all of his cookies and pestered Courtney for days for her cookies. He said, "If they weren't so good, I wouldn't have eaten them so fast." I guess I have my work cut out for me! ;o)

Brandon, Accepted in the R.N. Program!

I am sooo proud of my son-in-law. He was just accepted into the Registered Nursing program. He was 1 in 24 out of over 500 applicants. God is good! Here is a little set I made for him.

"Live! Laugh! Love!" ... or is it "Live! Love! Laugh!"?

Just some random cookies done with my favorite saying.

Another With Sympathy!

A "With Sympathy" cookie bouquet for a co-worker whose friend's husband tragically died in a truck driving accident. I tried a new effect called "brush embroidery" that I gleened from the gals over on "Karen's Cookies" website. Mine are not near as pretty as theirs. It is a very elegant effect though.

Flip Flop Summer!

Here are some I did for a few co-workers!

Bonnie's grandchildren were coming in to town. She told me she is known as the "Ice Cream Grandma". She loves the stuff and they always eat it when here grandkids are in town. So, she wanted a few for her grands. She said they loved them!

Lynore was going on a trip to New Jersey and wanted to take cookies to some of her friends and family! I thought, well, it is hot and is still summertime, so...