Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TRUTH - Holy of Holies

MULLET ALERT!!! This is how I remember "Truth" way back in the mid 80's.

Listen to "Truth" member Andy Chrisman sing "Holy of Holies" who would later be the tenor in the "Truth" sister band "4 Him" made up of Truth Alumni. "Truth" worshiped the Lord like no other band I had ever heard before and their vocals, unmatched.

Truth Farewell Tour

Under the direction of Roger Breland, Alum gather on stage to sing a "Truth" oldie but goodie, "Majesty". How I would have loved to be in attendance to witness this event.

Truth - Farewell Tour 80's Duets

I discovered this vid of a group named "Truth", one of my all-time favorite singing groups. The Director, Roger Breland and "Truth" visited my church (First Baptist of Perrine, FL) quite often when I was 16 years old. They made quite an impression on my life. I aspired to be a part of them one day, but my Lord had different plans for my life.

I discovered early on that Mr. Roger Breland has a special musical touch that rubs off on everyone that he comes into contact with. If you are a fan of "Truth", you know what I am talking about. Dr. Breland has been busy with other ministries these days, as he is Director of Performing Arts at University of Mobile. Look at some of my other posts to see "Voices of Mobile". These young people are refreshing to watch and so very talented. They are a pleasure to experience. Oh, and that Breland touch is definitely on them. It is like I am listening to Truth all over again. I love them!

I hope you enjoy watching, as much as I have enjoyed seeing these old friends again and hearing and singing along to these old songs again.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Still the Cross

Sit back and enjoy the singing ministry of the "Voices of Mobile" singing "It's Still the Cross". You will find the lyrics types below.

IT'S STILL THE CROSS(Performed by Voices of Mobile)

[Verse 1]
It's not conservative, or liberal
However they're defined
It's not about interpretation
Or the judgment of the mind
It's the opposite of politics
Power or prestige
It's about a simple message
And whether we believe

It's still the Cross
It's still the blood of Calvary
That cleanses sin
And sets the captive free
It's still the Name
The Name of Jesus that has power to save the lost
It's still the Cross

[Verse 2]
Now we can water down theology
And preach the Word to suit our needs
We can justify sweet subtle lies
That are wrapped in noble deeds
We can alter our convictions
To adapt to social whims
But we cannot change the Gospel
Or the Truth contained within


Though some may say it's man's religion
Or ancient history
The Cross of Jesus still remains
The price for sin
That sets us free!!!


It's still the Cross

Voices of Mobile

Here is another video to enjoy from "Voices of Mobile". The opener of the song was originally sung by "Truth". This truly allows us to see the strong influence of Roger Breland.

Glory Giver

The group performing this song (originally recorded by the "Annie Moses Band") is called "Voices of Mobile". The strings provided by Ellie Thomas, member of "Voices of Mobile". When I heard this, I knew I had to find the lyrics and post them here.

Glory Giver

I, I am a bride, waiting for her first kiss.
I, I am a child, dancing in the river.
I am a worshipper, basking in the bliss
Of the Glory, of the Glory Giver.
I, I am a saint, dressed in robes of pure white.
I, I am a jewel, set in finest silver.
I am a follower walking in the light
Of the Glory, of the Glory Giver.
I, I am a pearl, purchased at a great price.
I, I am an heir, chosen and delivered.
I am a miracle bursting with the life
Of the Glory, of the Glory Giver.