Saturday, July 17, 2010

Monster Cookie!

I have never made a giant cookie before! I had an order for a 40th birthday. She wanted a giant cookie. I'm proud of it, however, I was extremely exhausted and had some issues going on. I think my blood pressure was elevated and I was behind on my sleeping, among other things. I feel like I could have done better, and would have if I had felt better and it was a rush job since I had short notice. I understand that the cookies were a hit at the party, though! Naturally, I was thrilled since I worried over that order for days until I heard that they were a "Hit!". Here are pics!

I was so glad that I had some candy clay made up.
Candy clay is made from white chocolate and is more palatable than fondant. Some people like the texture better. It was really good and took on the flavor or royal icing. Thanks to Karen at Karen's cookies for the recipe. It made decorating a breeze.
Some flowers, butterflies and circles.
Here is the star of the show, a giant chocolate chip cookie cake! I wish I had have put some flowers or balloons or something! I was afraid I wouldn't have enough room! Oh, well! It was a learning experience. She was happy with it. For that, I am grateful!

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